Friday, February 29, 2008


If you've ever had the responsibility of introducing someone at an event or a speaking engagement, you know that it is not the easiest thing to do. Now, I wouldn't want the responsibility for this introduction, but I wouldn't mind being in the audience when it happens.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Step Brothers

I know that Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have been in about 8 movies together, but it worked for Lewis and Martin, right? (Although with these 2, it's more like Lewis and Lewis.) On the heels of Ferrell's round-the-clock promotion of Semi-Pro, we already have a preview of his next movie co-starring -- who else? -- John C. Reilly. The two have become Step Brothers.

For a 2-and-a-half-minute comedic break: Step Brothers

Saturday, February 23, 2008

K-Man heads to spring training

Well, it's February. For many, the month of February sets off an internal alarm clock. It's the start of another baseball season. I think Keegan's alarm went off this afternoon. He grabbed his bat and one of the balls we have for his tee-ball set and asked me: "Ball?" Who can resist that invitation? Have you seen those dark brown eyes?

I grabbed some video of the work-out. My first video actually. We've been without a digital camera for about a year. And as I am want to do, I went to BestBuy the other night and replaced the lost camera. (Jen's in Cozumel. Seemed like a fair trade-off.) I like it so far. Feel free to give me some tips on posting videos to YouTube. Not sure I like the quality of the upload. It looked better on the computer before I uploaded it.

And now ... Keegan at the bat:

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I've been tagged by h. and tasked with telling you ten random things about me. So here goes.

1) I skipped second grade.

2) But I failed calculus in high school. Not like just barely failed. I got a 47 in fall semester calc. Those concepts just didn't register with me at all . . . not ever really studying for the class didn't help either.

3) In fifth grade, I was offered the chance to audition for The Atlanta Boy Choir. I didn't go. I played baseball instead. (Not sure I chose wisely there.)

4) My senior year of high school, I had a problem with No Doz. One really shouldn't take 6 of those things before a first-period physics class. (That might also explain my inability to focus in Ms. Cole's calculus class.)

5) For my first semester of my freshman year at UF, I lived in a dorm (Murphree Hall) that was not air-conditioned. The school offered this option at a lower cost for people who wanted to reduce their expenses. I think I just signed up for housing late. I was in a triple. We had a system of box fans in the windows to try and deal with the heat. Two fans blew air out of the room and two drew air in. [The electrical system in that old dorm couldn't handle everyone having window AC units, so no one was allowed to.] August and September were brutal months in that room. I showered at least twice a day just to try and cool off (not because I was OCD). But it was right next to the north end zone of The Swamp, so it was very convenient to roll out of bed and into the stadium on game days to watch Emmitt during his sophomore year. Second semester, I moved over to the old Hume Hall which had AC.

6) Grammar-related pet peeves:

(a) "Irregardless" is not a word.

(b) There is no need for the word "prideful." The noun is "pride." To be full of pride is to be "proud."

(c) At least 90% of the time, you do not need to use "or not" when you use the word "whether." The "whether" alone is sufficient. Trust me.

7) I've only broken one bone on my body. The pinky toe on my right foot. When I was 17 or 18, I woke up one morning and stepped out of bed. In my post-slumber stupor, I did not appreciate that my foot was asleep. I put my weight on it, and the toe went right while the rest of my body fell in a heap. Luckily, my foot was asleep, so I didn't really feel the pain of the break. No real need to go to the doctor to confirm that break though. The 90-degree angle the toe was making with the neighboring toe was all the evidence I needed. I just taped the toe to the adjacent ring-finger toe and went about my day. Along with some Advil for pain management.

8) If I could do anything, I would coach soccer full-time. If I had to do something else in order to coach soccer, I would try to teach -- preferably on a college campus. This law firm life doesn't allow the freedom necessary to coach.

9) I like to cuss. And I cuss a lot when I play sports (or watch sports for that matter). I blame it on my Irish blood. Jen just says I'm a freak.

10) I get annoyed by all the talk about closing off our borders and stemming the tide of immigrants (even the "illegal" ones). And not just because my son is Hispanic. This is a country founded by immigrants. There was only one "native" people group here when the pilgrims discovered the "new world" in their brass-buckled clogs. If we took some time to get to know these immigrants, we'd see that most of them are here because they believe in the same American Dream that the rest of us do. Many of them are making far greater sacrifices to realize it too. Frankly, I'm not sure what everyone is so afraid of.

I tag STK, JM and Anita. Tell us some random tidbits about yourselves. Give us a glimpse into who you are.

And keep voting for Modern Skirts (see below). Yesterday afternoon, the band had taken over the top spot, but this morning, they had slipped back to #2 again. Vote HERE. And vote as often as you like/can.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Help Modern Skirts!

My brother-in-law manages this Athens band. If you and I have had a conversation about music in the last 3 years, you have likely heard me recommend Modern Skirts to you. They are in the studio working on CD #2 at the moment, but they are trying to get a song from their first CD (Catalogue of Generous Men) some airplay on MTVU, which is an MTV network that actually shows music videos -- current ones! I have no idea where one can watch MTVU, but I think it's offered to many U-niversity and college students who live in residence halls and dorms and other university housing structures. The network has a show called The Freshman. If the Skirts song is picked, it gets added to the regular rotation. That would be a huge kick in the pants for the band. (A good kick in the pants.)

If you've ever dialed up iTunes after watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy to locate that song playing over the obligatory montage in the last 10 minutes of every episode, you know first-hand the power of the exposure a band can get by having one of their songs playing on a network. Here's your chance to help out a band that is very good. And I can attest that they are not only very good on CD (like Snow Patrol) but also very good live (not like Snow Patrol).

Watch the video of their song Pasadena, which is my favorite off the Catalogue CD.

Then vote for the song HERE. If you need more encouragement to pick Modern Skirts, three of the students on The Freshman show picked the Skirts song after listening to all 5 candidates.

VOTE NOW! And vote often! You can vote as many times as your finger will click the mouse! Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. on Friday night (Feb. 22nd).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New License Plate!!

After months of waiting, I was treated this week to a welcome envelope from the state Motor Vehicles Division [how often does one say that?] . A perfect birthday present if I do say so myself. The greatest thing about this plate is not that I get to demonstrate my collegiate loyalty, but all of the opportunities to annoy all of the dog fans in the city as we all sit in traffic for hours each week.

The other interesting thing about the fact that these plates are available is the response from various members of the Legislature -- all up in arms about the fact that a UGA plate isn't available in Florida. Threatening to eliminate the UF plate unless there is reciprocity in the Sunshine State. The interesting thing about that is that the Auburn alumni have had an AU plate for more than a year, and there was no similar uproar. Shows you who the bigger rival is.

So anyway, get used to seeing these plates around town -- those of you who live in the state. For those of you out-of-towners, feel free to print this page so you don't feel left out.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Don't Smell Like a Turtle Cage!

OK, this isn't exactly the most thought-provoking return to the blogosphere ever undertaken by a dormant blogger, but at this point, I am jumping on the chance.

We all perspire. Even women. Some more than others. I'm not advocating this particular product, but I think what Jackie Moon has to say is worth listening to -- especially if you're a Ron Burgundy fan or just believe that most songs need more cow bell.

Old Spice Pro Strength