Monday, December 28, 2009

Four years ago

K-Man turned 4 on Christmas Eve. Hard to believe that he's been a part of our lives that long. This time four years ago, Jen and I were hunkered down in a hotel room with the little guy waiting for approval to return home with him. We ventured out to Babies R Us that day to register for baby things because we hadn't taken the time to do that before the adoption train got rolling. I'm sure we drew some stares as we walked around the store with the registry gun -- with baby in tow. I remember getting scolded by one lady because we dared take a baby out with the masses at such a wee age. (I was not thinking nice things about that woman that night -- or just now as I recalled that incident.) Plus, how else could we fit him for his first Gator jersey unless he was there to try it on?

The years since have raced by, and I am sure the coming ones will be gone in an instant as well. I hope to see more moments like the one the day after Christmas this year. K-Man received an electric Amtrak train set from my parents, and I set it up for him while he was taking a nap on Saturday. When he saw it set up and running, his eyes brightened and this grin came over his face like he'd swallowed green beans that tasted like Doritos. (Can you imagine the joy?) For the next hour, the train ran constantly, and every revolution around the track brought a fresh wellspring of elation. See for yourself.

Hopefully, capturing moments like these will slow the hands of time for a bit.

If you haven't read our adoption story, you can read it here: Part 1 and Part 2

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I survived another month of blogging.

I've tried the blog-all-month challenge the last three years. I made it through two of the three attempts. It's not easy to post every day, but I'm glad I met the challenge. I'm sure you found many of them to be mundane, but I can live with that. I endeavored to write 1 per week that may have passed for quality 6th grade writing. I aim high!

I am hoping to ride the wave of posting into December and share some thoughts about the holidays and other random topics, including sports (sorry cbed).